What: call for papers for the Symposium The Mediterranean in Motion.

Organizers:  the  Izmir Mediterranean Academy.

Where: Izmir, Turkey.

When: November 16-17, 2017.


  • People in motion: Migration, refugees, social and political movements, borders, and securitization of the Mediterranean;
  • Ideas in motion: War and art, language, culture, authoritarianism, populism, literature, justice, codification;
  • Design, architecture and art in motion: Art and artists; architectural perspectives, design from local handcrafts to industrial design;
  • Power and resistance in motion: Repertoire and future of control and discipline in the Mediterranean, camps, biopolitics, architecture, urban transformations, hidden cities and islands, identity of cities, urban movements, gentrification, city economies;
  • Environment in motion: Ecology, agriculture, land, sea, air, geography, environmental movements;
  • Capital and labor in motion: Global economy, national economies, financial mobility, capital mobility, free/unfree labor forms.

Deadline/how to apply: send your abstract to motion@izmeda.org; the deadline is March 27, 2017.


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