Call for papers for the conference “1968 in reviews“, supported by the British Academy / Leverhulme trust. The confirmed invited speakers are Mererid Puw Davies and Emanuela Patti.


 University of Birmingham (UK) on 2018, 23rd April.


As the organizers of the conference underline, “Print culture was central to the expression and exchange of views during, and in the immediate aftermath of the political upheavals of the late 1960s. Less studied in that respect than journals devoted to politics or theory, literary and cultural reviews published responses by writers to their environment that contributed to protest and reaction through their rapid publication times and the role of journals in generating exchange and leading literary developments. Even when articles did not directly address political questions, the prevailing culture of some reviews developed in new directions in the subsequent months and years”.

Thus, “This symposium will compare responses to events associated with “1968” in literary and cultural reviews across geographical areas, making new connections across languages and cultures and interrogating the role of reviews in contributing to political action and to developing cultural forms in the wake of “1968”. In the ‘core’ centres of protest in France, Germany, and Italy, what role was played by reviews, and did they change direction from the late 1960s onwards? Was journal culture also important in ‘peripheral’ western European areas including Belgium, Northern Ireland, Norway, and Switzerland (Reynolds, 2014) or non-European centres such as Brazil, South Africa, or the USA? In eastern European countries such as Hungary, Romania, or Yugoslavia, what kinds of writing could appear in reviews? Did writers living in exile publish responses, and what is left unsaid in censored publications?”.


Proposals of up to 250 words for papers (in English) of 20 minutes can be sent to e.r.wagstaff@bham.ac.uk (deadline: 2018, 12th January). More information on the conference blog.

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