Call for papers for the conference on After the rule: nterpretation in comparative and cross-cultural perspectives, organized by the Center for Arab & Islamic Studies.


21 September 2018, The Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies, Canberra.


The organizers call for abstract exploring comparative, historical, and cultural dimension of the relationship between norms, reasoning, interpretation, and decision. They are are looking to learn about traditions that open our eyes to new ways of seeing the relationship between interpretation, law, and justice: other spaces and cultural practices, other ways of reading and non-reading, other crystallisations of rules, order and discipline.

The following are the potential topics:
•    Comparative perspectives on the relationship between norm, state, and interpretation, in Islam and the West
•    The intersection between legal, literary, and visual interpretative discourse in historical and contemporary contexts
•    Talmudic and Hellenic traditions of reason and interpretation, comparisons and intersections between ‘Jew and Greek’, ‘Jerusalem and Athens’
•    Law and grace: soteriological and political implications of these contested theological concepts
•    Law and norms in the global south, and the relationship between cultural knowledge and legal discourse
•    Songlines: law, interpretation and embodiment in Indigenous cultures
•    Comparative modes of interpretation in civil and common law legal traditions, particularly in medieval and early modern Europe
•    Confrontations between indigenous and (neo-) colonial practices of law and interpretation
•    Ethics as hermeneutic other to law in Kant, Ricoeur, and Levinas

Only abstracts that address the broad problem identified in the full call for papers will be considered.


25 May 2018. find more information on how to submit a proposal (300 words abstract)

Applicants will be advised shortly afterwards with registration opening mid-June.

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