Here we go with all the incoming deadlines we spotted these last weeks: calls for papers, fellowships, summer schools, grants, calls for contributions; and also book reviews, sometimes podcasts, recruiting blogs.

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Watch out!


Dates refer to deadlines for the submission of proposals, not to the event date (indicated in the specific call page)


  • 30/11/18 – Nottingham (UK). CFP “BRAIS Conference 2019”
  • 30/11/18 – CFC “Teaching Postcolonial Environmental Literature and Media”
  • 30/11/18 – CFC Noesis “What is the History of Ideas?”
  • 30/11/18 – Long Beach (CA). CFP “The Nineteenth-Century in 2019: Mapping Women’s Writing in the Long Nineteenth Century” Conference.
  • 30/11/18 – Leuven (BE). CFP “The Low Countries and Latin America from the 19th Century until Present”
  • 30/11/18 – Southampton (UK). CFP of the SDN conference “Discovery and Exploration”
  • 30/11/18 – Kingston (CA). CFP “The People’s Conference: The Transnational Legacies of 1919.”


  • 01/12/18 – Montréal (CAN). CFP “les évolutions des frontières disciplinaires de l’économie avec les autres sciences”
  • 01/12/18 – Paris/Orléans (FR). CFP “La décennie décisive: 1869-1879”
  • 01/12/18 – London (UK). CFP “Digital Diasporas: Interdisciplinary Perspectives”
  • 01/12/18 – Santiago de Compostela (ES). CFP “The epoch of space. State and new perspectives”
  • 01/12/18 – Paris (FR). CFP “Political exiles in the long XIX century in Latin America and Caribbean”
  • 07/12/18 – Pavia (IT). CFP “Ideas, Words, Thoughts and their History – 5th Collegio Ghislieri Graduate Conference”
  • 15/12/18 – London (UK). CFP “Memory and Borders: Examining Nationalism and Identity through Material Culture”
  • 15/12/18 – Adelaide (AU). CFP “recovering disaster” in environmental humanities
  • 15/12/18 – Milan (IT). CFP “Migration, Social Stratification and Inequality”
  • 30/12/18 – Tunis (DZA). CFP “Identités Fluides Transnationales”
  • 31/12/18 – Oxford (UK). CFP 1st Symposium on Comparative Political Philosophy


  • 01/01/19 – CFC “Fascisms and Antifascisms Since 1945”
  • 11/01/19 – Utrecht (NL). CFP “Cultures of Security in the Nineteenth Century. Transimperial Perspectives”
  • 14/01/19 – Salisbury MD (US). CFP “Mid-Atlantic Ottoman Studies Workshop”


  • 01/02/19 – Cork (EI). CFP “Cities in Conflict: Urban Space and Violence”
  • 15/02/19 – Lexington (US). CFP “Dissent of the governed, XVIII-XXI”


  • 30/04/19 – Premio di Laurea “Scudo D’Oro”


  • 07/12/18 – Premio “Vittorio Bachelet” per tesi sulla partecipazione democratica
  • 20/12/18 – Premio Giuditta Nanci
  • 15/12/19 – 4 NORIA grants for field research in political science
  • 31/12/18 – Borsa di Studio “Angiolino Acquisti” sulla Nonviolenza
  • 11/01/19 – Loughborough (UK). 2 Phd scholarships about “social media, influencers, and online misinformation”
  • 31/01/18 – London (UK). 21 Ph.D. Scholarships “mobile people” about mobility and social-political institutions
  • 31/01/19 – Fellowship “Alessandro Pavesi” sui diritti umani


  • Paperity, un aggregatore multidisciplinare (anche) in forma di app
  • Digital humanities – French diplomatic archives online
  • Un software per gestire le fotografie d’archivio. Breve recensione di Tropy.
  • Un logiciel pour gérer les photographies d’archives: notre recension de Tropy.
  • Every year – Paris (FR). Master’s Degree in Public History.
  • authors wanted – “Implications Philosophiques“, rivista francese di filosofia contemporanea recluta autori, redattori, rilettori.
  • Carriere internazionali” – Academic and professional opportunities

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